WWDC 2014 foresight: iOS 8, OS X 10.10 & many more


WWDC will hold their annual meeting on 2nd of June 2014. Apple is going to exerting their meeting live. Also as always iMore will attend for it to collect the statements of particulars for the Apple consumers.

 Apple Repositories

During Tim Cook earlier updated us about Apple retail, currently that Angela Adherents has launched officially since the new senior vice chairman in Apple retail and online, is it better to take her off to a significant beginner than carrying her up on the stage? the coming chapter in Apple repository launches currently and the concept for it could well begin at WWDC.


Values Of Apple

Tim Cook; the Apple’s CEO is equal to kick off exhibition, the exhibit of him now with a welcome to the all developers who are participating to this meeting and wait for see what will apple do in this year 2014? This news will add few remembrances of the near apple acquisition. The Cook done the best also.

 iOS 8

iOS 8 Tent Pole items will be presented by Mr. Craig Fedrerighi who is the senior vice president of Apples Software Engineering section.  Also we can remember the latest items that iOS received on last year, as examples we can present control center and background refresh. It says that iOS 8 is capable of focusing on refinements in 2014.


Also in substance and the style. WWDC advertisers show iOS 8 in the water too. But anyhow we can’t get an good idea about iOS 8.1 or iOS 9 as it’s very difficult to guess. the latest and best features on iOS 8 are healthbook, Maps and transits. Specially iOS 8 maps shows you a clearer road than before and it asists you to find out the special places along the street such as, museums, restaurants and etc.


iTunes & iCloud


Eddy Cue who is the senior vice chairman of the services, spent his last hours by exhibiting latest versions life and i Work adding, and iWork for iCloud. In 2012 iCloud faced important improver push to back. And also on 2013 Apple mea culpad came. Then what will be on 2014?

Apple now have beats and during the surprisingly recent beats sounds / music will be able to have a little attention on the stage. we can’t say an exact thing on it.

as anyone wishing , iTunes radio hasn’t received any international helps. one of a brand new music is beats music. iCloud repository isn’t yet finish out in the market freedom. Back up of image and video is still a matter in settings.

 The Mac

Mr.Phil Schiller who is the senior vice president in Apple’s world wide marketing will exhibit a latest hardware. In last years sMackbook pro and MacBook air also updated and performed at WWDC conference. Both iMac and Mac pro also rapid bumps could have to sent out as click releases. However we didn’t get any message on Mac mini.Though Apple hasn’t a 4k display with them , Mac book and Mac Pro are compatible with 4k.


though Apple hasn’t a 4k display with them , Mac book and Mac Pro are compatible with 4k.

OS X 10.10

OS X 10.10 will be declared to the audiance br Craig Federighi in 2014. The Mac OS is reportedly receiving the Mac OS’s iOS 7 moment. It’s recreation in the closing and evolution is well. And also it will get the Mac into a latest visual generation to compatible its latest naming generation  will be best. This mac OS X will add few important API converts for improvers. Anyway this OS X 10.10 will have a good attention from the consumers.


here we give you some important details only. but we are ready to declare latest on WWDC conference as soon as we received. so please keep in touch with us.