From iOS 11.2 to Jailbreak iOS 11.2

Constant exploiting and researching vulnerabilities have made us still awake on a new jailbreak prospect. Although we run back about a year when talking about the latest possibility of the public jailbreak as Yalu, it looks like someone is eagerly in the need of an update just like us for the chance of jailbreak and Cydia. So at a moment, Apple rests on iOS 11.2, this is about the chance Jailbreak iOS 11.2 could draw. Learn about iOS 11.2 to its jailbreak possibilities here.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

iOS 11 is Apple’s latest operating system packed with latest mobile technology trends. But as how big as Apple’s plans on the 11th iteration, we find some more exciting changes through the upgrades corresponding. And iOS 11.2 is one of them on which Apple now rests, introducing some more essential changes to the user. That includes Airplay 2 feature, Apple cash pay and more. And the most noticeable fact is, it comes with more look to iPhone X, with faster wireless charging, live wallpapers and more.

Features to get with iOS 11.2 Download?

Although iOS 11.1 was somewhat major in concern features and other improvements to the operating system, in iOS 11.2, we now see better improvements. So here we go for all iOS 11.2 Features in brief.

  • Gives chance to Apple pay cash feature in iOS 11.2.  From that, you can get with person to person money transfer facility through the iMessages in your messages. And for that, you need to be connected with either debit or credit card. The receiving cash will be gathered on a separate Apple Pay Cash card that you will find in the Apple Wallet
  • Bringing AirPlay 2 feature to take easier multiple device’s audio output control through the connected iPhone. You can simply make the feature working through Now Playing from Control center to discover the available devices. You can control multiple devices with individual media at a one time
  • Offering faster 7.5 W wireless charging for flagship iPhone X, iPhone 8, and 8 Plus. You can enjoy the feature connecting to a third party wireless charger
  • Control Center coming with various tweaks in 11.2. And some of the changes bring use to iPhone X
  • Introduces two new pop-ups in the Control Center when using WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Give new live wallpapers to iPhone X and also giving chance to older iPhone 7 and 7 Plus to enjoy iPhone 8-exclusive wallpapers
  • Fix to Calculator latency bug and more
  • Slightly tweaked Emojis including Camera and Whiskey glass
  • Slight system improvements to make more stable performance

Should you Update or Not?

If you are definitely in need of better performance or any fix to a certain bug, taking iOS 11.2 is essential. But if you give the first vote to jailbreak, there are some facts you should consider. Let us see what they are as follows.

Way to Jailbreak iOS 11.2

As of this writing, there is no jailbreak available for any version later iOS 10-10.2. So iOS 11.2 jailbreak remains a doubt at the moment even with no demonstration of showing possibilities. But as of constant experimenting of jailbreak developers and iOS researchers, we can have some hope on the future prospect of jailbreak and Cydia.

jailbreak iOS 11.2

If you remember the demonstration recently by Liang Cheng from KeenLab, we are clear that iOS 11.1.1 is jailbrekable on iPhone X. Although we have no prediction how relevant that on Jailbreak iOS 11.2 for now, there could be some relevance in sometimes ahead. And as this is not the very first time we came to meet iOS 11 Jailbreak possibilities, we can hope a reliable public release soon in the future. That can be KeenLab who own thanks to all three demonstrations so far or Todesco of Yalu Jailbreak who has previously revealed the WebKit exploit in 11th iteration. If not, there can be any other as well who has desire and skill to make jailbreak chances possible on latest 11. So let us wait and watch.

Everything you need to know about iPhone X jailbreak

The iPhone X started its journey celebrating the tenth iPhone anniversary during September keynote on last Tuesday as promised. Though there were many other considerable dealings, the X became the huge launch of the company. Match up with the greater number of buzzes the iDevice featured wireless charging, fully glassed frame, OLED display and further. However, for jailbreakers too commenced exploring whether it got the talent for iPhone X jailbreak, here what we captured in recent reports.

iphone x jailbreak

iPhone X release

For it was just the keynote, the iPhone X release postponed to November 3rd after its online ordering on October 27th. The device planned to approach in two shadings of Space Gray and silver without the frequent Gold at this time. To highlight this from the entire, Apple specifically scheduled this during a significant section of the event as “One More Thing”.

The display

The display of the iPhone X called a Super Retina. It is in size of 5.8 inches of OLED frame carried out a resolution of 458ppi and 2436 x 1125. To transform better amazing wide color ranges, it designed to effort over HDR10 and Dolby Vision containing, 3D Touch plus one million-to-one contrast ratio including Apple’s True Tone color.

Face identification

Face ID is another tremendous part of the upcoming iPhone X. The all new iDevice will no longer carry out frequent unlock features since it has been replaced by this. It will perfectly move to identify you and let you enter Apple Pay, secure applications, and the rest panels too. While this has been arranged for a better security, you can also enjoy with entertaining functionalities.


Cameras of the iPhone X are 7 megapixels. For it aimed at Face ID feature too, it is known as a TrueDepth camera that captures a wide range of colors, portrait mode to the front cam and so on.

iphone x jailbreak

Price range of the iPhone X

The iPhone 10 that known as the X has been rumored to be there for $999. And now, the exact deals made it true keeping the 64GB one to $999. But for 256GB range, the deal is a little higher as $1149.

Anyhow, the iPhone X will proudly represent here in two respective colors that we indicated. Pre-order beginning settled on 27th coming October for the launching date would be 3rd November. Those initial regions such as Denmark, Australia, Canada, France, Japan, China, Italy, Finland and further will capture the iDevice firstly for secondary ones will draw some far.

iOS 11 Golden Master launch

For even iOS 11 covered to the major X deal, it is the first impression of Apple for new launches of the year 2017. Its major arrangement said to done on 19th along with iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Though the firmware will encounter certainly, the two other iDevices will fly after 22nd.

iPhone X jailbreak possibilities

It is really amazing we finally arrive at the tenth ceremonial iPhone chapter of the year 2K17. Apple has been collected over dozens of wonderful functionalities that some of borrowed from Android however for the first time for Apple users. Anyhow, since all these based on official upgrades and updates, it is excited how is the iPhone X jailbreak story going on? Is it has any significant security defense? Or is it possible to jailbreak? Many questions right? But it is gloomy so far we do not have those much considerable specifics regarding its jailbreak proficiency. And even I guess it will take some longer than we expected for its official launch has been arranged to November this year. This means, though hackers will proof the breakability of iOS 11 GM version, it will not that important until it will be here collaborate. So do not fall apart for it is not here since iPhone 8 jailbreak fairly desires some more time.