PP jailbreak as TaiG alternative

PP jailbreak fill the TaiG MAC vacant.

PP jailbreak released recently for MAC users to jailbreak iOS 8 through 8.1.2. PP jailbreak is confirmed working fine by MAC users at Reddit. TaiG didn’t released TaiG Mac version as they promised. So there were no solution for MAC users to jailbreak their Apple devices on their own computers. Now MAC users can download PP jailbreak as TaiG alternative. PP jailbreak functions as  same as TaiG and supported similar category of Apple devices and iOS versions.

PP jailbreak

There is no big difference between processes of PP jailbreak and any other Jailbreak tools released previously. Please follow TaiG jailbreak guide also for the PP jailbreak. You can Download the latest version of PP jailbreak below.

Download PP jailbreak for MAC