PanGu jailbreak tool download for iOS7.1- iOS7.1.1 untethered jailbreak

PanGu jailbreak tool released by a jailbreak developers team very recently. You can use Pangu jailbreak tool to have an untethered jailbreak for iOS7.1 and higher. But this latest jailbreak is available only for windows users yet and so windows users are allowed to download untethered panGu jailbreak. but don’t be worry Mac users also will be released soon by PanGu team.

PanGu jailbreak

Supporting iDevices for Pangu jailbreak

  • iPhone4/4S/5/5S/5C
  • iPad Air
  • IPad2/3/4
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Mini retina

Requirements to Pangu jailbreak process

  1. Back up the idevice
  2. A compatible iDevice(mentioned above) running iOS7.1 or higher
  3. Latest itunes install to the windows

PanGu jailbreak guide to your idevice running iOS7.1 – iOS7.1.1

1st step: PanGu jailbreak tool download for windows from here

2nd step: click twice on PanGu

3rd step: the jailbreak process will launch now

4th step: you need a USB cable now to plug in your idevice to the Pc

5th step: then the software will recognize the iDevice

6th step: ensure that you have already unchecked the check box

7th step: then you need to launch the jailbreak. For that click ’jailbreak’

8th step: then please adjust the date after it prompted to you to do so

9th step: after you followed 8th step the jailbreak process will continue

10th step: then in your springboard you will appear the Pangu icon

11th step: do not quit any connection related to this PanGu jailbreak process during the jailbreak.

12th step: after few minutes you will appear a cydia icon on your iDevice saying a successful untethered jailbreak on the iDevice with PanGu jailbreak tool.

PanGu jailbreak video tutorial

PanGu jailbreak in video guide will assist you to jailbreak with PanGu more successfully with your iDevices running iOS7.1 and higher.

Credits going to

Pangu download tool developed by PanGu Team

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