pangu jailbreak issues can be fixed

Pangu jailbreak tool is a well-known topic on now days. Absolutely the newly released pangu jailbreak tool provides an untethered jailbreak for iOS7.1, iOS7.1.1 and iOS7.1.2 firmwares. Pangu has released by a Chinese association and released recently for all Apple iDevices. Also many iOS7.1 and higher devices users have jailbroken their iDevices with pangu jailbreak tool already. But there are some complains about pangu jailbreak issues and errors. So this article will guide you how to fix pangu jailbreak errors.

pangu jailbreak

How to fix pangu iOS7.1 jailbreak errors

You will be able to fix most of all your errors related pangu with learning this article. Really pangu jailbreak tool was a real surprise for whole jailbreak community and there were some rumors saying pangu is a fake jailbreak tool. But there was nothing to proof it. Though there were such rumors Apple users many people have an untethered jailbreak with pangu tool since it has recommended by world renowned jailbreak teams.

But as well as other jailbreak errors this tool also have some problems with its jailbreak procedure like, icons disappearing, apps crashing and etc. but can say gladly that pangu team has recognized those errors and have found solutions. Here we provide them in this article.

Don’t forget or miss to uncheck the check box earlier launch the jailbreak process. It will reduce all errors and if jailbroken have already your iDevice with pangu you need to follow below guidelines to remove PPsync.

Step 01- include repo on the iDevice

Step 02- then you has to install the full PPSync Remove from Cydia.

Steps 03– delete PPStore from Cydia

Step 04- go to settings> general and profiles. Then delete 25pp certificate

Steps 05- reboot the iOS7.1 device

Video guide- how to remove PPsync

From above step guide you will be able to settle the pangu jailbreak errors and troubleshooting.