iTools download to your iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch

iTools download is a simple tool to use with the iDevices. Free iTools download allows you to customize all apps and files. Also download iTools assist you to download music clips, images and videos too. Thinksky team has improved iTools windows and Mac OS X and due to that your iTools download both for windows and Mac.

Download iTools for windows

Download iTools for Mac

iTools download

download iTools-Compatible iDevices

  • IPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone4
  • iPhone4S
  • Apple iPad 1
  • iPad2
  • iPod touch 1
  • IPod touch 2
  • iPod Touch 3
  • iPod Touch 4

Free download iTools

If you are waiting for a supporting iTunes for the iDevice, which lets you to manage your iPhone,iPad and iPod touch iTools will be the best one who offer you them without iTunes. iToos let you to do many more customizations and other  managements on your iDevice as well as iTunes. Also you can work with iTools very simply.

video guide on download iTools 


Advantages of iTools download

All the iPhones, iPads and iPof users are able to use iTools iPhone manage. There some major benefits that is familiar with iTools Such as,


  • Download and upload photos, sound clips and videos via the iDevice and the computer
  • iTool Transfers applications, videos, music files and etc amid the PC and the iDevice


iTools Download programme will also provide the special gains…


  • iTool download assists for Wi-Fi synchronization;
  • During video files are switching from a PC to a mobile device they re-convert automatically.
  • iPhone manager of iTools lets the users to custom  applications in various ways. As examples we can present the delete and and create backups.
  • Also iTools lets you to transfer data from one iDeve to another iDevice
  • download iTools iPhone manager for compuer lets  to conduct a desktop of the mobile device from a computer
  • Also you will get the entrance to the iDevice file system permissions after you download iTools iPhone manager to your PC.

iTools download

Free Download iTools iPhone Manager to the Mobile

1st step: iTools iPhone manager is compatible with Mac and Windows versions. Before you download iTools iPhone manager ensure that you have installed and downloaded latest iTunes for the PC. Though you don’t want iTunes to run with iTools, the iTunes has accompanied on the PC.

2nd step: now download iTools for windows from our above download links. Don’t need to install it.

3rd step: now shift the files of iTools iPhones manager for a folder available on the computer.

4th step: now launch iTools.exe file to begin the utility with the program. You are able to keep the icon to iTools iPhone manager on the desktop of the PC. Now you are able to go ahead with iTools iPhone manager.