iOS7.1.1 PanGu jailbreak with latest Apple iPod Touch 5G

iOS7.1.1 PanGu jailbreak has released by a chinese hack team as their new untethered jailbreak tool for the iOS7.1- iOS 7.1.1 untethered jailbreak. Actually the iOS7.1.1 Pangu untethered jailbreak tool compatible with latest iDevices such as iPhone 5S, iPad Mini with Retina and few others.

PanGu jailbreak

Now the Apple has released iPod Touch 5G and the people who are using iPod Touch 5th are waiting curiously to know that are the able to jailbreak their iDevice (iPod Touch 5th Gen) running iOS7.1 or higher with iOS7.1.1PanGu untethered jailbreak tool. Here we are going to guide you on this matter.

As we reminded prior, Apple compensated the company’s minor primary-customization 16GB iPod touch 5 with a latest 16 GB model which is currently identical to the higher-end 32 and 64GB 5th iPodTouch models.

So now head over to discussing on the latest UnTethered iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak PanGu and its compatibility with Apple’s minor iPod Touch 5 refresh.

Introduction of Apple iPod Touch 5G

Apple iPod Touch 5g is the 5th era, blue version of Ipod Touch stages. iPod Touch 5G has well organized 5 megapixel camera, 3.3mm f/2.4 lens, 1,134×640 16:9 display, 3.1 oz./87 g and many more. IPod Touch’s 5th update has 32GB and 64GB versions in at least 5 colors. Also especially this iPodTouch5G is not so huge. It has very simple and thin body. So that it’s really weightless. Here in this article you will be able to know more on iPod Touch 5G untethered jailbreak with newly released iOS7.1.1 PanGu jailbreak tool.

iOS7.1 untethered jailbreak

Jailbreak The 2014 16GB iPod Touch On iOS 7.1.1 With Pangu

Fortunately you are able to jailbreak your new iPod Touch 5th gen via iOS7.1.1PanGu untehered jailbreak tool.We can certify that this latest PanGu untethered jailbreak tool will have a good path for a long time period and many world renowned jailbreaker believe that iOS7.1.1PanGu jailbreak tool has inherent capable of jailbreaking iOS7.1.2 also.

 Download iOS7.1.1PanGu jailbreak tool for following iDevices running iOS7.1 or higher versions

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad Mini
  • iPad Mini Retina
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

how to prepare for the PanGu iOS7.1.1 jailbreak

Prior to  launch the PanGu jailbreak process delete or hide the security codes and Backup the device . also quit all iOS and iTunes familiar activities.

simple step guide to 7.1 Jailbreak via PanGu

  • 1st step:  Download PanGujailbreak tool only windows users and run it in yourcomputer
  • 2nd step:  then you have to plug in the idevice to the Pc andstay patiently untill PanGu recognize it
  • 3rd step:  uncheck the check box
  • 4th step:   now please Tap the Jailbreak key to launch the iOS7.1.1 PanGu Jailbreak process
  • 5th step:convert the Date as 2nd June 2014 on the iDevice when you ask to do so
  • 6th step:  now allow the process to complete by it self. after the process finish you will appear the cydia icon on the device screen.

iOS7.1.1 PanGu jailbreak guide in video tutorial

Note: though this has recommended as a better untethered jailbreak tool there can be happen some faults while the jailbreak process. but anyone will not response on them.

 iOS7.1.1 PanGu jailbreak tool – Troubleshootings

    • probably your devices may stuck in Apple logo or in Bootloop. at that times restarti the jailbreak process
    • PanGu Mac version will be released soon. so Mac users are not allowed to jailbreak with Pangu jailbreak tool
    • PanGu has recommended as a safe jailbreak by world renowned jailbreak teams.
PanGu Jailbreak developed by PanGu Team

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