Download Cydia for iOS 10

As you know now there was some time past the Apples latest firmware iOS 10 has released.  And around the world many iPhone, iPad and iPod users were keep watch about the release of this massive firmware. And it was a new experience to many users. But there are some users they can’t satisfy with the existing new features of the iOS 10 and they are still finding more things than what iOS 10 has offer. Those users can be called as jailbreak lovers and they are seeking for iOS 10 jailbreak for enjoying the freedom with it. Within the jailbreak process they try to add more functions to their iPhone, iPad or iPod through the Cydia download. What do you think at this moment can you download Cydia iOS 10?

Availability to use Cydia for iOS 10

Have you enjoying the features of Cydia in the earlier jailbroken iOS 9? Yes if you have use Cydia for once then it was not an amazing thing that you love it. But at this time with the iOS 10 at this moment there is no any working jailbreak tool for iOS 10. So you want to wait for some time until the Pangu or any other to find a jailbreak tool for iOS 10. Although do you know in this time with the Apple’s firmware iOS 10 there are some features related to the jailbreak tweaks which you are enjoying with the iOS 9 jailbreak. So if you have use jailbreak in earlier iOS 9 then you are not much wonder with the iOS 10.

Some iOS 10 features familiar to jailbreak tweaks

Notification redesign

In the firmware iOS 10 we can see that there is a feature called notification redesign. And this is similar to the jailbreak tweak Watchnotification. Actually we can’t say this is exactly same as the feature in iOS 10.But those are close and have similar with each other.

Colorization of CC toggles

iOS 10 has introduce this feature for you to enjoy color effects and in the previous jailbreak you can enjoy this with the jailbreak tweak Cream.

Removing Stock Apps

In the iOS 10 user can enjoying the feature of removing the useless app and this is a huge comfort if you are stuck with your iOS stock. But if you have jaillbroken then within the iOS 9 jailbreak you have enjoy this feature like the HideMeX and Springtomize jailbreak tweaks.

Control center pages

Now with the iOS 10 you can see there are two pages in the control center one for music and other for the rest like brightness. But jailbreak users are enjoy this with the Auxo jailbreak Tweak in many years ago.

Stickers in Message

This is actually noyt much thing for other message apps but it is new for iMessage and now it is now include with the iOS 10. But with the jailbreak app StickerMe jailbreak users are enjoying this feature by using the Facebook stickers on the message App.

In the above I have mention few of the related features including with the iOS 10 related to jailbreak tweaks. But if you follow the above video guide then you can see there are more iOS 10 features are relating to the iOS 10 features.