Install iOS 8 Beta 5 Free without UDID & Downgrade to 7.1.2 and Jailbreak

After couple of weeks of releasing iOS8 beta4, iOS8 beta5 released to developers. iOS8 5th beta brings various features with it. Click here to know more details on iOS8 beta 5 latest features.

If you have decided to to install iOS8 beta5 already, you will also be able to downgrade to iOS7.1.2 and then you can have an untethered jailbreak with pangu1.1 easily without any malwares or spamwares. we have offered a link to a guide to an untethered jailbreak with pangu1.1 in untethered condition.

iOS8 beta5

Step guide to install iOS 8 Beta 5 for Free without UDID

Follow these step guides to install iOS8 beta5 without UDID.

Step 01- backup the iOSdevice

Step 02- launch a complete restore to iOS 7.1.2

Step 03– after you noticed the end of the iOS8 beta 5 update disconnect the iDevice from the PC

Step 04- abstain all connections to iTunes in the future to verify that you avoid the incredibly obnoxious activation problems

Step 05- Reboot the apple iDevice to ensure that it doesn’t experience any of the prior mentioned Activation Errors.

video tutorial on how to install iOS8 beta5 without UDID

Downgrade To iOS 7.1.2 and jailbreak in UnTethered condition

If the device is running iOS8 beta5 you can downloagrade to iOS7.1.2 through restoring. Before all you need to access to the recovery condition.

Steps to enter to the recovery condition

1st step: plug in the iTunes through an USB cabe

2nd step: keep holding home and power keys

3rd step: keep holding till iTunes recognize the entrance the recovery mode of your idevice

4th step: click on ‘restore’ when   iTunes automatically connect to an overview screen to the device in recovery mode

5th step- now you can jailbreak iOS7.1.2 device with latest pangu1.1.0

untethered jailbreak tool.

Apple released iOS8 beta5 just now

Apple released iOS8beta5 just now with a number of improvements, bug fixes and tweaks. As always iOS8 beta5 also brings various minor interface modifications along with it. iOS8 beta5 released only for the developers and compatible with all Apple iDevices. I mean iOS8 5th beta is supporting to all iPhone and iPad  devices.

iOS8 beta5

You will find following special features on iOS8 beta 5,

  • A new Apple TV beta seed
  • iCloud is available latest set of icons in the Settings app

iOS8 beta5

  • iOS8 beta5 running iPhones will let extra devices to access SMS message

iOS8 beta5

  • Health app brings new icons especially for Data Exporting and body data

iOS8 beta5

  • Latest features to iCloud Photo repository
  • Swipe down entrance to Spotlight rapidly
  • In privacy settings you will find a new health panel
  • New Wi-Fi calling descriptor to the T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling

iOS8 beta5

  • in the keyboard switcher there will be a predictive toggle

 iOS8 beta5

More features in iOS 8 beta 5 will be included here as soon as discovered…

Apple iOS 8 Beta 5 preview

We know that iOS8 also released for public. Stay tuned with us to know more about latest apple updates.

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