Cydia1.1.10 just released with excellent features, Bug fixes, iOS7 shaped icon and many more


Founder of cydia, jay freeman has just released cydia 1.1.10 with number of latest feature such as bug fixes, UI recognized and specially iOS7 swanky icon. This iOS7 icon has created by Saurik.The essence of the upgrade is rapid rate. During all little fact absolutely feel a lot snappier and slicker compared to ever in the past in the new cydia1.1.10 update. If we are really speaking the Cydia team has sparely create various exclusive changes to the interface for a better performance.

Download latest cydia1.1.10 from here

Now you can work simply with stores with the release of cydia 1.1.10


  • Currently sources are available on the sections tab. This means cydia1.1.10 has determined the sources from the bottom of manage
  •  If you need to visit all packages that are available in all the sources that have amended briefly, please tap all sources row. It is in under the sources row
  •  Currently in cydia1.1.10 the edit key is open for all not only for the executive
  •  Currently the refresh activity is connoted on the sources in different modes

With cydia1.1.10 you can see the installs of yours easily

  • The packages that was available under Manage, currently available in the tab bar in installed mode
  • In cydia1.1.10 the there has a new key ‘queue’ and perform the manage button.
  • Now you don’t need to choose categories such as hacker, user, developer since cydia will never conceal the packages based on ‘role’
  • Now you are able to elect the installed packages via recent. It will be to aid debug all issues

cydia 1.1.10


Cydia1.1.10 is an expert to regulate more several sources and packages

  • The latest Sources UI assist to arrange organize addition by source and creates seeking slow “problem” repositories simpler.
  • Cydia will herald package lists through more stores in corresponding on latest devices potent of manipulating the load.

So try to download latest cydia1.1.10 and have surprised experiences with it…