Apple iOS 8 launch date has finally been confirmed


Great news for customers who are waiting for the ios8 major update from Apple. Finally Apple has declared that they will reveal the date of releasing ios8 on the annually WWDC conference which will be launch on 2nd June 2014. Also Apple team will announce the facts about the updates of OS X and iOS on the same day.

Currently Apple Inc. head quarters are busy with creating latest iOS version for their customers. Recently Apple published a major ios 7.1 version and now they are going to release their next major update named ‘iOS8’.

There are some murmurs as this coming iOS 8 will release with iPhone6 like iOS 7 released with iPhone 5S on 21st of September. In this coming iOS8; the next major update which will develop and distribute by Apple team, will offer improvements and converts On available apps and new latest features.

IOS8 health book


Health book is a special feature in iOS8. This feature familiar with the world of health and fitness. This health book signifies the events from the steps and sleep. It’s for the hydration and Oxygen satisfaction even though we couldn’t understand the way of it done like this.

Maps and Transit


In iOS 8 apple maps have developed. Due to that you will be capable of working with unlimited facilities with ios8 Apple maps. Coming ios8 Map surface is very clear and will be able to see the roads, roots radiantly. Also coming ios8 will allow you to find out the special places on the searching roads. As an example, we will be able to watch the museums, restaurants, clubs and hotels that are available on the road. Due to these special facilities you will never miss ios8 and we know you are waiting curiously for ios 8 now also.


iTunes Radio in iOS 8

ITunes is a new update of Apple. Usually in previous ios versions itunes radio was available on the Music app. but ios8 will keep it separately from Music app. as the rumors say that the iTunes will be improved in iOS 8 and it will come with iOS8 as a single option.


Apple is going to finish using services such as Pandora and Spotify via performing iTunes Radio as a standalone application, hopefully offering users many facilities and letting for further include revenue and ability the amplification of the contribute to the other platforms.

Siri- iOS 8

Absolutely we can’t stop the expectation of new features in siri of iOS8.Few sorts of many simple things available access to Siri, possibly through latest sensors in iPhone 6. Also many update which include best access to web resources as the already-linked Wolfram engine. Furthermore Siri is capable access facts and wrap up sound commands for the third-party apps from the app granary via a latest API.


Game Center

Many one say that the iOS 8 will far away of using the application of Game Center, instead letting converts to be created via the global costuming, and including another functionality and approach to the games one by one. Probably you will feel that it is not a huge change in iOS8. But don’t take any stress as Apple will improve these functions in iOS 8 and these easy changes will keep all simply.


Download cydia for your iPhone or iPad running ios 7.1

Currently you are able to download cydia to iOS 7.1. Absolutely Cydia is an application that letting the jailbroken iPhone or iPad users to download software Via Cydia. Cydia users have an opportunity to search for apps in online repositories or in the Cydia Store. Many apps which are available repositories can download without purchasing.

Here we discuss the method of download cydia to iOS 7.1. You can download cydia to your iOS7.1 version easily. First of all you have to jailbreak you iOS 7.1 using evasi0n.

Requirements to download cydia to iOS 7.1


  • Don’t forget to back up your iDevice before jailbreak iOS 7 with evasion to download cydia
  • Also hide the passcode before start download cydia since it will be a problem during the jailbreaking with evasi0n.
  • Using iClouds or iTunes stop all ongoing processes
  • If you have to face any problem while the jailbreak process please restart the device and start the process again.


Step guide to download cydia – jailbreak iPhone/iPad running ios 7.1 with Evasi0n

1st step: first of all please back up your iPhone or iPad

2nd step: then download latest evasi0n tool

Download evasi0n for windows from here

Download evasi0n for Mac from here

3rd step: now launch the evasi0n tool

4th step: next you have to click on the jailbreak button.

5th step: then you will appear an Evasi0n icon on your iDevice screen

6th step: then click on Evsi0n icon to launch the jailbreak process

7th step: after completing the jailbreak process by itself, your device will auto reboot in several times.

8th step: then you will appear the cydia icon on your iPhone or iPad home screen.

Congratulations. Now you have download cydia tour iPhone or iPad.

here is the step guide to download cydia to your iPhone or iPad using Evasi0n

Credits going for developing Evasion7

  • evasi0n7 is developed evad3rs and distributed Freely

Special Thanks for contributing & improving Evasion7

    • @phoenixdev
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    • @ollvm


iPhone 6 will release soon

After iPhone 5s all the iPhone customers are waiting for the next version. Currently most expected Apple iPhone in 2014 is iPhone6. There are so many gossips on iPhone 6 and here we have collected the real only. So you can have an idea on pending iPhone6 through this article. Here we will give you more details about iPhone 6 features, rumors, design and more. iPhone 6;

  • Screen- 4.7 to 5.5 inches in size
  • Price- 16GB £549, 32GB £629, 64GB £709
  •  Storage – 128 and up
  •  OS- new ios Operating System
  • Chip- NFC chip
  • Charger- Wireless Charging
  • Chip- NFC chip

iphone-6-concept (1)

Iphone6 release date

Though we are unable to guess a date about the release of iPhone6 there is a murmur that iPhone6 will not release before September 2014. But we are unable to say about a sure date, only rumors.

Era of iPhones

I think that you will be able to get a good idea via the iPhone generations. Here we exhibit you the releases dates of the iPhones from 2007, iPhone 1st generation.

  • iPhone 1st released on June 2007
  • iPhone 3G released on July 2008
  • iPhone 3GS released on June 2009
  • iPhone 4 released on June 2010
  • iPhone 4S released on October 2011
  • iPhone 5 released on September 2012
  • iPhone 5S and 5c released on September 2013
  • iPhone 6 ???


iPhone 6 design

iPhone 6 will have some improvements in its screen using LED backlight. It will let Apple to create iPhone6 in thin and lighter. Apple iPhone6 is converting to thinner 0.4mm model from 0.6 mm LED backlight. The uplifted device quantity will also provide Apple additional place to broadcast components, letting the company to decrease the device thickness and it may be same to the iPod touch.


iPhone 6 camera

iPhone 6 camera will be so attractive . If the Apple Company’s nearly investments in technology are any of the thing to continue.Before in 2014, Apple filed a full collection of avowals around the technology like an optical picture-stabilization technique, triple sensors and lenses, and tiny auto focus components.

 Nearly the Apple Company did Ari Pertinent the major photography of Nokia. Not only that but also the camera expert who assisted to improve the expansively acclaimed ambit picturing procedure which hhas as an item on the Nokia lumia handset from the year 2012.


Battery in iPhone 6

Battery of an iPhone takes a major and important place among the iPhone customers. Coming iPhone 6 don’t wish a huge battery as its body is too slim.

Even though there are countless methods and tips with iPhone to boost iPhone battery, iPhone customers are waiting for a stable or fixedverdict from Apple. Apple could to cite a power saving mode.


iPhone 6 Hardware & Software

Usually Apple put more attention to the accomplish of the handsets with the new publishes. So that we can hope about a best performance process bettering from the iPhone 6 predecessor.

During the iPhone 5S is powered by 1.3 GHz dual-core A7 chipset using 64 bit processor, it is hearsay that iPhone 6 will have an A8 chipset with 64 bit processor and it is hoped to be energy efficient and tiny size.

 Not only that we can hope another improvement familier with the RAM.The other expected area of improvement is the RAM; iPhone 5S offers a 1 GB of RAM, during the contesters have spilled the RAM specification upper to 3 GB. We believe that iPhone 6 will work with ios8 clever than s the iPhone 5S worked with ios7.

iPhone 6 Price

The iPhone 5S price uplifted via iPhone 5S’s predecessor, and so that we can guess iPhone 6  prize with screen size and an all latest design even lofty rise in prices next time around. Anyhow we there has no a permanent price on iPhone 6 and promise you to let them know as soon as we got.


Ios 7.1 jailbreak with latest Geeksn0w 2.9

Latest Geeksn0w 2.9 jailbreak tool has released to jailbreak ios 7.1. This latest Geeksnow jailbreak tools offers a semi untethered jailbreak only for iphone 4 (A4 chip device) users. So that Geeksn0w 2.9 is good news for all iPhone4 users who were waiting for a jailbreak for their ios7.1 version. Now you can free download Geeksn0w 2.9 to your Apple iPhone.

Currently the best way to jailbreak your apple iPhone is Geeksnow 2.9 latest jailbreak tool. Also since, Apple patched evasion exploits with the iOS 7.1 update, you are unable to jailbreak ios 7.1 using evasion. But as mentioned above only iphone 4 users can have a semi untethered jailbreak with Geeksn0w 2.9. IPhone 3, 3GS, 4S, 5, 5S, 5c, iPad mini, air, 2, 3, 4 or any iPod users are fail to use the jailbreak Geeksn0w 2.9.

Both Windows and Mac users are able to free download Latest Geeksn0w 2.9. Currently there is Geeksnow Mac 1.0 Cli version for Mac users. Free download Geeksn0w 2.9 from our direct download links below.

Download latest Geeksn0w 2.9 for windows from here

download latest Geeksn0w 2.9 for Mac(beta) from here

c c

Compatible iPhones(running ios 7.1 version) with Geeksn0w 2.9

  • iPhone 4 GSM (AT&T and Global editions)
  • iPhone 4 GSM Revision A
  • iPhone 4 CDMA (Verizon)

Requirements to jailbreak ios 7.1 with Geeksnow 2.9

  • Please back up the device using iTunes
  • Download Geeksn0w 2.9
  • Hide the pass code locks
  • Install JDK

Step guide to jailbreak ios7.1 with Geeksn0w 2.9

1st step: first of all you have to install JDK to the computer

2nd step: then run Geeksnow as the admin

3rd step: then using an USB cable, join the Iphone to the computer

4th step: then enter your device into DFU mode

5th step: then you have to click on “geeksn0w”

6th step: wait patiently till the jailbreak process complete successfully and enjoy with Latest geeksn0w 2.9.