Apple iOS 8 launch date has finally been confirmed


Great news for customers who are waiting for the ios8 major update from Apple. Finally Apple has declared that they will reveal the date of releasing ios8 on the annually WWDC conference which will be launch on 2nd June 2014. Also Apple team will announce the facts about the updates of OS X and iOS on the same day.

Currently Apple Inc. head quarters are busy with creating latest iOS version for their customers. Recently Apple published a major ios 7.1 version and now they are going to release their next major update named ‘iOS8’.

There are some murmurs as this coming iOS 8 will release with iPhone6 like iOS 7 released with iPhone 5S on 21st of September. In this coming iOS8; the next major update which will develop and distribute by Apple team, will offer improvements and converts On available apps and new latest features.

IOS8 health book


Health book is a special feature in iOS8. This feature familiar with the world of health and fitness. This health book signifies the events from the steps and sleep. It’s for the hydration and Oxygen satisfaction even though we couldn’t understand the way of it done like this.

Maps and Transit


In iOS 8 apple maps have developed. Due to that you will be capable of working with unlimited facilities with ios8 Apple maps. Coming ios8 Map surface is very clear and will be able to see the roads, roots radiantly. Also coming ios8 will allow you to find out the special places on the searching roads. As an example, we will be able to watch the museums, restaurants, clubs and hotels that are available on the road. Due to these special facilities you will never miss ios8 and we know you are waiting curiously for ios 8 now also.


iTunes Radio in iOS 8

ITunes is a new update of Apple. Usually in previous ios versions itunes radio was available on the Music app. but ios8 will keep it separately from Music app. as the rumors say that the iTunes will be improved in iOS 8 and it will come with iOS8 as a single option.


Apple is going to finish using services such as Pandora and Spotify via performing iTunes Radio as a standalone application, hopefully offering users many facilities and letting for further include revenue and ability the amplification of the contribute to the other platforms.

Siri- iOS 8

Absolutely we can’t stop the expectation of new features in siri of iOS8.Few sorts of many simple things available access to Siri, possibly through latest sensors in iPhone 6. Also many update which include best access to web resources as the already-linked Wolfram engine. Furthermore Siri is capable access facts and wrap up sound commands for the third-party apps from the app granary via a latest API.


Game Center

Many one say that the iOS 8 will far away of using the application of Game Center, instead letting converts to be created via the global costuming, and including another functionality and approach to the games one by one. Probably you will feel that it is not a huge change in iOS8. But don’t take any stress as Apple will improve these functions in iOS 8 and these easy changes will keep all simply.